Mckay's Senior Session | Utah Senior Photographer

In honor of graduation this week, I want to post my most recent senior session. Mckay is such an all around good person. His mom just raved about what a great kid he is. He was on the Lone Peak Basketball team (so yeah, he is tall!) and is getting ready to serve a mission for the LDS church. We just had to get some handsome pictures of him in his suit!

Gage ~ 18 Months Old | Utah Child Photographer

My nephew, Baby Gage...we still call him that even though he's a toddler now. So big! While we were in Arizona, we did a little photo session at a ghost town we were visiting. It had some great backdrops! I loved it! Gage had just woken up so he wasn't feelin' it until right at the end. He's still the cutest thing!

Parker is 2! | Utah Child Photographer

All I have been doing are boy sessions! Where are the girls? That's ok though since they are all so cute! Parker was having a bit of a hard time and didn't want his picture taken. We tried songs, turned on music but nothing was really working. He just wanted to sit on a 4-wheeler that we saw. When a toddler gets his mind set, it's hard to change it! Finally, we gave in and he had a sucker for the rest of the pictures. I betcha can't tell which ones he had a sucker in! ;)

Dylan's Turning 8! | Utah Child Photographer

Dylan is my cute nephew. In the LDS church, turning 8 is a big deal because you get to be baptized and become a full member of the church. He is turning 8 so we went out for a quick photo session while I was down in Arizona. He LOVES the outdoors and looking for insects and bugs, so being in the trees was the perfect setting.