Maternity & 3 Year Old Shoot

Things are slowing down a little, which I'm kind of grateful for...but I always love getting out there and shooting even if the weather is snowing and FREEZING like last Saturday! Yup! My BFF still wanted her 3 year old to have her pics taken in the snow. Luckily, we caught a break when it was only lightly snowing. We did the shoot in probably 20 minutes! Aubrey was so cold, but such a good sport! She's a doll!
We also did my BFF's maternity shoot. She's due at the first of April, so we needed to get them done! I'm also hosting her baby shower and needed a pic for the invites. There's a sample of that too in the slideshow.
So two shoots in a day! It was so fun! Thanks, Nicole!

Scenic Family Shoot

I did this family shoot a week or so ago and it was COLD (not as cold as around Christmas, but still cold!)! The baby was only 2 months old and wasn't happy for very long. We got some good ones outside, but then had to move it inside (into his parents' house which is GORGEOUS! I got a tour too!)! She still wasn't great at the end! But that's how babies are!! Unpredictable!!
I really had fun and LOVED the places Tabitha picked out! She has a great eye (well, she IS an interior designer!) and knew what she wanted! I LOVE it when people know what they want and give me new ideas! It was great!