Christmas Card Shoots

So these are 4 of the families I did this Christmas that wanted the Christmas Card deal. How do I get lucky with such great-looking families? I also designed cards for them, but I'll show them next year. Anyway, if you didn't do it this year, this will give you a taste of what you could do next year!
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My Brother-in-Law's Fabulous Family

So for Thanksgiving we stayed with Shawn's brother's family. They were so great to us and let us stay probably too long! We had a blast! We even did a family photo shoot. The littlest one, was being a little difficult since it was almost naptime...but we eventually got him to do what we wanted!!

My First REAL Maternity Shoot

I say my first "real" maternity shoot, cuz it kinda was! I tried about 5 years ago when my friend and I were pregnant for the 1st time and wanted prego pics...didn't turn out so good. But I think these did! I took these on our Thanksgiving vacation. Katie's a childhood friend and was kind enough to let me try stuff out on her! Luckily, she had lots of ideas too! It was a lot of fun!! We originally wanted to shoot outdooors, but it was raining so we switched last minute to do them indoor at her house. Lighting was bad, but we still got some good ones. And can I just add that she does NOT look 8 months pregnant!! She looks so good! Katie, you're beautiful!