Coralie's Birth Story | Utah Birth Photographer

Ok, so I missed Coralie's birth. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but it happens! This was Ali & Dallas' first baby. She was going all natural and usually first babies take a LONG time to come once the labor starts. Ali was certainly an anomaly. She checked in to the birthing center when she was dilated to a 9! Who does that??!! Then, she pushed for like 15 minutes! She is a rock star! No way was I going to make it in time anyway. Their Douala didn't either so that made me feel better. :) But I still got some great shots of all the baby-lovin' after.
And those cookies right there? Yeah. Ali made those for all the nurses. What??! She amazing!
Ok, maybe she made a few for herself too. :)

Baptism Mini Session | Utah Child Photographer

I just love this family and was happy to do a mini session of baptism pictures for Chris. He is almost to the ripe old age of 8 where in the LDS church, you get baptized. It's an exciting time for those 8 year olds! He was doing so good with smiling and getting his pictures taken...right until the very end. I got some good bloopers there! He was done!

Brinley & Brooklyn | Utah Child Photographer

You'd think by their names that they were twins...but they are so NOT! They are REALLY good friends though but don't look alike, by any means. Brinley is my daughter (I can't believe she is 10!) and Brooklyn is my friend's daughter whom I've been taking pictures of since she was born. They are exactly a week apart so we always do their birthday pictures at the same time. It makes it so easy!
When I saw this ski fence and BRIGHT fuchsia wall, I knew I was going to do their pictures there. Isn't it perfect for kids? I LOVE it and want to shoot there again! Who wants a shoot??!
That was Brinley and now Brooklyn's turn...

Ali's Maternity Session | Utah Baby Photographer

I met Ali through her husband...and I have known her husband for YEARS! He is my brother's high school friend so he is like a little brother to me.
I was SOOO happy when Ali called to have me take her maternity pictures AND the birth of their little one AND newborn pictures!! (Those will hit the blog sometime soon!) Ali actually just had her baby yesterday (yes, I'm slowing getting these posts up!). She was a little early and things went really well (and fast!) especially with it being her first. are the maternity pictures at the poppy field. Luckily it was still in bloom. They go fast!
 Her cousin MADE these shoes. Aren't you DYING?? They are SO cute! And she put her name on it Cora for Coralie. So fun!
 See? She had her a day early. :)