Avery's 4 YO Mini Session | Utah Child Photographer

My cute niece...I have done her pictures since she was born but she still has a hard time smiling for me. I don't think she likes the attention and doesn't know what to do with herself so she either doesn't look at me or pulls faces. Oh well...I still got her!

My Fav
I mean c'mon! Those eyes!

Spencer & Malia's Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographer

I'm always excited when someone asks me to take their engagement pictures. I LOVE to capture the love, the giddiness, and the excitement of what is in store for them in their new life together. It's hard to beat! Malia and Spencer have got all that going on! They were so fun to photograph and so easy-going. It was a little windy and the sun was harsh but we made it work. LOVE these images.
 Some fun moments...Spencer kept eating Malia's hair due to the wind! :)