Ruffner Family ~ Extended Family

I LOVE my return clients! It's always so fun to see them and everyone seems a little more relaxed since I've already met them and we've done a shoot and they know how I like to do things. This family was great and such a nice family! I didn't even have to headswap anyone in one of the group photos! Sweet!
The proud grandparents...and yes, he really is TALL!!

My Sadie

My girl turned 7! She's such a delight to have in our family and a cute model! As per tradition, I took her to a spot I've wanted to scout out. It was a great location! Let me know if you want to schedule a shoot there!
She just learned to tie her shoes...I should've happened long ago.

Whitley's Hospital Pictures

As much as I LOVE being there to capture the birth, it's just not for some people...or their husbands. :) So if that's the case, I can come the day after the baby is born and do some pictures. It's not the same, but it still captures the newness (is that even a word??) of the baby.
I'm really good friends with Whitley's mom and I was so happy I could go to the hospital and take a few pictures. It's just so peaceful there and I love to see the precious newborns. She's an angel!
My friend wore this outfit when she was a baby. It barely fit Whitley!

Hancock Extended Family Pictures

Oh family. We always have to do a big family picture when we have a family reunion. It's a little frustrating with your own family and I often wonder why we don't hire someone but then we wouldn't do pictures...especially since me and my sister-in-law are photographers, so I guess I'll deal with some frustrations and get the job done!
It's nice that we have 2 photographers in the family so we can divide and conquer! So these are the ones I got. She got some family pictures of some of the other families.
Kind of a fun idea my sis-in-law had!
Easton LOVES his Uncle Kracker (AKA Val) so we had to get a few of them together.
Jordyn's just cute so we got some of just her and cuz she's a senior! Whoa!

Allie ~ Class of 2017

Yes! It's senior season! Well...fall and spring seem to be senior seasons now but back when I was graduating, it was just in the fall. Those go-getters get them done in the fall. ;)
Allie is one of those go-getters and I was excited she wanted me to do her pictures. She LOVES books and wanted to incorporate that into her shoot. I thought of Pioneer Book in Provo. I've done a few shoots there before and they are SO accommodating and it's the cutest bookstore around! After the bookstore, we walked around Provo to get some more shots. LOVE it!
That cool, old typewriter was legit!
Her dimple! :)
Cool pink wall with a bike? Yes please! The treasures we find!
After walking around the block, we came back for a quick change in her cap and gown.
Then, she threw off the cap and gown and we got a few of her playing the flute. I always encourage my seniors to bring props or uniforms that show their interests.
 And finally, her band uniform. She plays the piccolo too!
 And a few bloopers for blooper sake. She's so cute and fun!
 ...and that's a wrap! It's not too late to get your senior pictures done! Contact me if you want yours done!