Aubrey, Easton, Parker | Utah Child Photographer

Every year I take these cute kids' pictures around their birthdays. Their birthdays are fairly close to each other so we did them all at one time...she also has 3 other kids but we'll do theirs later. :)
So here they are...we just did one after another...Aubrey turned 10, Easton turned 7, and Parker is now 4. Cute, cute kids!

Andrew's Senior Pictures | Utah Senior Photographer

Senior season!! Love it! But spring is tricky with all the rain!! It was pouring an hour before Andrew's session. I kept texting his mom and was back and forth about whether to do it or not. I finally decided that we could just reshoot if we needed to. No way would I push it this much with a girl senior session or a family. It actually started sprinkling when we started shooting but by the end, it was all sunshine! You just never know what you'll get with this crazy Utah weather!
Andrew was so great! He was up for anything. Gotta love that!

After we wandered the city a bit, he changed clothes and got his guitar for some pretty sweet shots! The ladies will swoon!!!

Kylie's 1 YO Mini Session | Utah Child Photographer

Cute Kylie had smiles for me the whole time! She loved the attention we all were giving her and she was happy to deliver! It was a quick mini session...she must know what to do...we ARE related anyway. ;)
You gotta get a cute crawling picture!