Tami & Zack | Engagement Shoot | Utah Photographer

Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing Engagement shoots? I just love it!
So this cute couple was civilly married but now are going to do the whole shabang, the announcements, ceremony, reception and everything. I was honored that she had me take their pictures for the announcements. They were so easy-going and nice even though I was making them do all sorts of tricks! :)
They also have a cute little girl! She was kinda shy but opened up toward the end. Cute family!

Updated My Website

It's been a long time coming, but I've updated my galleries on my website. It's been so fun to look back and remember all the awesome people that I've gotten to know. It's been a great year.
Check them out: Xpressions Photography Website
I think this is my favorite from the year. I love doing Senior pictures...which, by the way, you need to book before it's too late! Now's the perfect time.

i Heart Faces Hands Entry

It's all about Hands on i Heart Faces this week. I knew just the one I wanted. I took it long ago of my parents' hands. They've been married for 32 years and I just LOVE that! This picture means a lot to me and how I want my and my husband's hands to look when we've been married that long. It means life-long commitment. No matter what.
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i Heart Faces I Wanna Dance Entry

What a fun contest this week! I took this one of my daughter a while back. I told her to have fun with that strip of fabric. It WAS fun running and dancing around!
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i Heart Faces Kisses Entry

This was my first engagement shoot a year or so ago. I was so nervous and luckily it was for a friend of mine. But this one has got to be my favorite kisses picture!

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Tylee-18 Months Old

I'm so sad these guys will be moving soon. I've done a few shoots of cute Tylee and this one was my favorite! Her mom always has the best ideas and bringing Yorkie pups was so great! Her mom said she loves puppies and thought she'd really interact with them...but she hardly wanted to go near them! You just never know with toddlers! But we got some really good ones. Thanks you guys. Good luck with your move!

Capps Family

I thought I already blogged about this! Wow. I'm really loosing it!
So I did a shoot for this family back around Christmas time. All the family was in town so we faced the COLD weather to get some great shots. This family sure knows how to have fun! My cheeks were sore from laughing so much. You guys are awesome!