Davis Family | Family Session

My brother and his family needed some updated family pictures. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful location. My daughter came to help with my youngest nephew. Sometimes those toddlers can be stubborn! But he was adorable and not too stubborn! Haha!

Bloopers! These kids were always pulling faces...but I don't mind because real smiles follow those crazy ones!


Turgeon Family | Family Session

It seems like such an exciting time before a missionary goes out on a mission. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, missionaries leave for 18 months for girls and 2 years for boys. So many things to do and hopefully one of those things is family pictures! It could be awhile before you have everyone together again so I am always happy to help with that. :)

This family was on it and got some nice pictures done before their son left. We also were able to squeeze in some mission pictures too. Such a handsome kid who is NOT very fond of getting his picture taken. Haha! Such a fun family and TALL too!!

Some bloopers! A deer wanted in on the photo session. :)

Sadie | Portrait Session

I always have to blog my kids! Sadie turned 11 this year and is just a fun kid. It was fun to spend some time with her and take some pictures.

She wanted a couple pictures with her big sister and then got sad because I said something about Brinley graduating.  It IS sad!!