Dunn Family | Family Session

I've been taking this awesome family's pictures since the beginning of my career. They will probably be moving soon so we wanted to do something epic! Something to really remember Utah. What better place than the mountains?!! The gorgeous view and wildflowers of Albion Basin were perfect! It was crazy busy and I brought my husband along to drop us off in case there wasn't parking. It's a good thing I did! There was a cop keeping track of who all went up and who was coming down. Anyway, still amazing! And so beautiful!!
Oh so serious! Get it, girls!
I mean, come on!! I can't make this stuff up! SOOO beautiful!!

And we had a little fun too!!

Book your family session! I'm spots are going fast and this weather is too!!

Isaac | Newborn Session

Isaac was a sweetheart and did really well for his newborn session. He did start crying for a bit but he quieted down as soon as he heard his mother (my sister-in-law) shushing. I just love seeing these precious babies fresh from heaven. They bring such a special spirit with them.
My mom bought me this cute turtle outfit(?) and it was fun to use it on her grandson for the first time!
My sister-in-law wanted to use some of his bedding in his picture. I think it turned out so cute!

Isaac | Birth Story

Meet my newest nephew, Isaac. He made quite an entrance into this world! My sister-in-law's water broke and he was ready to come out! He was born breech and came out only 4 minutes from the time they entered the delivery floor! Isaac was an anxious little guy and is healthy and perfect.
I came the next day for a Fresh 48 session. He was alert most of the time! What a sweetie. I love him already!
My brother...the proud father!
And my sister-in-law. She's one strong woman! That was quite the ordeal and she handled it like a champ!