Jonathan's Senior Pictures | Utah Senior Photographer

I've had nothing but boys this year get their Senior pictures done and I love it! They are so chill. It's great! (I wouldn't mind a girl though...just sayin'!) I've know Jonathan AKA J.J. for a LONG time now so it's always fun to see him and his mom who I've been friends with for over 20 years! I can't believe she has a Senior. Time sure flies! I LOVE that he brought some props...his violin and lacrosse stuff. Sweet!
He got all dressed up in his tux and everything! He even played a few little diddies for us. :)
Then he did a complete 180 and changed into his lacrosse gear.

CJ's Baptism Pictures | Utah Child Photographer

It's pretty fun when I get to take pictures of 8 year olds. They are excited about getting baptized into the LDS church and CJ was definitely one of the more lively ones. :) He was super fun and his mom had some fun ideas add to the session. They turned out great!
 He was a fun kid so we got lots of bloopers!

Kylie's Newborn Pictures | Utah Newborn Photographer

Another niece but this one is brand-new! Kylie is adorable and slept great but was a super-pooper! I don't even know how many diapers we went through and luckily, no one got pooped on!

I'm becoming a huge fan of the wrap!
She is one of the smallest babies I've ever done. I couldn't believe this outfit actually fit her!
It was a freakishly warm March day so we took her outside. LOVE the yellow bush in my neighbor's yard!

Avery's 3 YO Pictures | Utah Child Photographer

It's no secret that my cute, little niece, Avery, is a sassy-pants and hasn't been the easiest to get pictures of. I wasn't sure how this shoot would go but when she came over, we headed out...ALL of in my 3 littlest ones too. Well, it definitely turned out to be a good thing because Sadie was super-silly and had Avery laughing her head off! Perfect!
At first, I just let her run around and play...I love a good solemn face just as much as a great smile. Avery's got it down!
Her little dog goes everywhere she goes.
Umm...hello lashes?!!
 She is really into horses right now and I love that she brought her stick horse.
She takes riding seriously. :)
There's a good belly-laugh!