Another shoot while in St. Louis. This is my sister's cute daughter. She wanted her one year old pictures done. We went all out and I brought my fairy wings and tutu! It was so fun!
And, this is my sister's backyard! I still can't get over how green and how many trees are over there! It's awesome!I LOVE her shy feet in this picture!Not too happy in this one! But it's too cute not to post!

Cameron Family

This was another shoot I did in St. Louis. This family was up for anything! They were great! The baby got a little bored, but as soon as we pulled out the treats, he was a happy camper!
My sister scoped out this place and it was perfect! Lots of variety and we even brought her couch! I was stoked to do a shoot with a couch! Now I just need to get me one!
For some reason this picture is turned...oh well...still looks good!

Baby Ty

This was the first shoot I did when I got to St. Louis! My sister was awesome and hooked me up with some photo shoots while we visited them there a few weeks ago.
Since the weather is so nice, hot, and humid, I suggested we take some pictures outdoors! I've always wanted to do that and their yard was awesome with tons of trees and bushes! Just perfect! And little Ty slept through it all! It was a perfect Newborn shoot!This little guy is sure loved! His sisters couldn't keep their eyes (or hands) off him!

Urban Family Shoot

I'm SO sick of being so dependent on the weather! It stresses me out! Maybe someday I'll have a studio...
So, yeah, we hoped for just a few light showers...but it turned into a lot more than that! Luckily, there was this overhang to take a bunch of pics under.They were a great family, despite the awful weather! We got to hang out more just waiting for it to clear up. When it was looking like it just wouldn't, we went to a different location. Much better! But the little one was D-O-N-E!

Cunningham Family

One of the things I love the most, is when I get to see old friends with my photography! I've known Ashlea since High School so it was fun to see her again with her cute family. It threatened rain and did rain, but we stuck it out and still got some great pictures! (She came far enough for them!) Her kids were really good too...except her little girl didn't want to smile too much. Thanks, Ash! Hopefully we'll see you soon!

Candland Fam

I was really excited to do pictures for this family. She has great taste in clothes! So, morning of the shoot, it REALLY looked like it was going to rain. I usually like to try anyway if I think it might just sprinkle or something, but I was ready to call it off. Luckily, they weren't! They were fine with the chance of rain and the lighting is always great when it's overcast. So we did it! It sprinkled just a tiny bit, but not bad at all! Whew! I hate relying on the weather!I just love her little jump! She really was weaving all around, but luckily it just looks like a hop!The little one was such a princess! She was so full of it!


My best friend wanted her daughter's 6 year old pictures taken. Brooklyn is super-easy to take pictures of. I just love that! I only took a few. We also did a some with all the kids. Cute 4th of July colors too!


What a happy little one year old! He took a little bit to get warmed up, but when he did, he was all smiles! Then, his mom changed him into a different outfit with a hat. He was NOT havin' it! I got maybe 2 pics of him actually wearing the hat before he would tear it off!