My New Niece~Avery Belle | Utah Photographer

Now that I just posted Avery's Birth Story, here's her official newborn pictures. She was quite awake for being 10 days old, but eventually she gave in and was out for a few shots. She's a beauty!
This first shot was taken out in the field we did Tiff's Maternity pictures AND Avery's wrapped up in the dress Tiff wore. Her idea. Love it.
I like newborns to be fast asleep, but since she wasn't we did some cute awake ones with her mama. We did get some good cross-eyed ones too, but I won't post those! ;)
Finally, she was good and asleep! They are so poseable when they do that!

And now she's back awake! We needed a shot in her daddy's arms too!
I already love this baby and she's still so new! You guys make cute babies! Love you!

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  1. You make cute babies too. What can we say? It's in our genes!