Merry Christmas

This year has brought so many blessings as well as a few trials. But I am so grateful for a beautiful family that I adore. I love what I do and have loved seeing some of you time and time again. May 2012 be just as great! And may you all remember Christ as you celebrate this wonderful time of year. He is the reason for the season.

Sneek Peek...Brianna & Jared

Hello, gorgeous brown eyes. More to come...

Bonner Family | Utah Photographer

Gosh it's such a busy time right now! But not as busy as this Momma! All I have to say is 7 kids. Wow. I don't think I could do that. Ever. And 5 of them are boys. Double wow. I will say that they were all VERY well behaved. We did get some great family portraits but we also had some fun!
The Boys...kinda silly!
The girls...totally sweet.
Gotta let them loose sometimes!
All those kids! Oldest to youngest.
This little guy stole my heart.
This young man is in my church class. He sure livens things up! Love him!
The boys wanted to be tough...all except the little one. He's too sweet. :)
The oldest and the 2 bookends.

And this young man is getting baptized soon into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He looks so handsome in his suit!
'Til next time! Love you guys!

Trent ~ Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

Here's the follow-up to that sneak peek I put up. I meant to post sooner but then Thanksgiving got in the way. :) We stayed home a lot and relaxed. It was great!
Anyway, I love it when Seniors bring props and he didn't disappoint! His family came all the way from Nevada for me to do his pictures. The day wasn't the best but it was our only it snowed off and on. Even though it was cold, Trent was in his element. :)

It's never too late (or early) to schedule Senior sessions. We always have a fun time! I was cold and soaked at the end of this, but it's all good! Especially because this was my first session back from Maternity leave. It felt SO GOOD to get out again!

Sneek Peak~Senior in the SNOW!

I'm officially back! Here's a sneek peak of my first session back after maternity leave. It was fun even though it was in the snow! I'm so NOT ready for the snow.

Cambree~6 Years Old

So I'm getting back into the swing of things after having the baby. I'm actually all booked out until the end of the year (mostly because I'm cutting back so I don't totally loose it!) and will be posting some sessions I've done recently. Life is already getting back to normal and busy, busy!
This session is my cute daughter, Cambree. She turned 6 right after I had Easton so it was nice to get out with just her and play!

She wanted me to get rid of those spots on her nose. What?? No way! Those are your cute freckles! I think she watches me edit too much...ugh.

Easton's First Photo Shoot

Hello? Hello? Is anybody still out there? So sorry I've been MIA completely!! I had my baby about a month ago and I had a few complications but everything's good now. I've been wanting to post these forever! Easton doesn't even look like this anymore. He's growing so fast! And I know everyone says that but it's true! He has almost grown out of some of his clothes already. We all love him though and can't get enough of him!
Anyway, on to the pictures! Since some things were going on, I didn't take these as early as I would've liked. He was 12 days old and I like to do them around 6-10 days. I had to do 3 separate shoots and I still didn't get all the shots I wanted! Newborns I feel like need to be asleep because it captures the newness and he just wouldn't stay asleep! It didn't help that he hated being naked.

I wanted to try something new here without the posing and the backdrop. That's what you can do when it's your own!
I loved this series. I should've posted more. He just always had such a cute look on his face!
With a name like Easton, you have to take some sport pictures! And my husband played baseball for BYU so maybe it's a tribute to him?
Thanks for your wonderful comments! I'm still trying to adjust to 4 kids! It's not sitting so well with me yet. I am booked for the rest of the year, but I'm taking bookings for 2012! Crazy! Time is flying!

Oh, and here's another reason I like newborns asleep...crossed eyes!!
 Oh how I love my baby!