Isaac's 6 Months Old | Baby Session

Another cute little one! Isaac was SO smiley for his 6 month old pictures. He's my nephew and last time I rode in the car with him, he cried so this was definitely an improvement! He was just easy and sat up so good for the whole shoot. 6 month olds are some of my favorite sessions!

The props that my sister-in-law brought were so perfect with his little outfit.

Caden 3 YO | Child Session

My baby turned 3! His birthday is in the winter but it's been a warm winter so we took advantage of a nice day and did his birthday pictures outside! I thought for sure we'd have to do them inside. He was so smiley and giggly and we had lots of fun during his session. He's adorable! What can I say?? :)

And it does help when daddy comes to make him laugh. He's a GREAT assistant. And isn't this picture precious? He's such a good dad.
I was happy to catch this face. This is the face he makes often when he doesn't understand. "What?" Haha! So funny!

Jacob & Kailey | Wedding

I was honored to second shoot for Rachel at Kylee Maughn Photography. They only needed me at the reception and I was happy to do it and excited to learn a thing or two from the pros.
I've never been to the Clarion in Payson and it is a gorgeous venue! I loved all the personal touches from the lavender to the sheep. He is from Mona and his family owns a sheep farm so it was applicable.

A cake fight is a good sign of a lasting least that's what I say since mine ended in a cake fight and we're still going strong!