Christmas Kids Shoots!

The Christmas Season is in full swing as far as I'm concerned!! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?? I had 2 "just the kids" Christmas shoots last week and they were fun!! They were both such easy shoots and kids that loved the camera!! My friend's son was sick while his 2 sisters smiled away, but he was good to tough it out! I wish we could've got more of him, though.
The other kids were from a childhood friend of mine! That's one of the things I love so much about doing Photography, is that old friends contact me and we get to reminisce! It was so great to see her and how big her kids have gotten!
If you've been thinking about doing Christmas pictures and haven't yet, I've still got a few openings left! So email me and let me know when you want to do one!

Fall Family Fun!!

So we set it up to take pictures the day before Halloween!! She was so great to work with since I have such a CRA-A-A-ZY schedule due to moving! BTW, we're all moved in!! Painting and all is done!! Now we just have to get things more organized and up on the walls!! We just love our new house and the area we're in! Yea!!
Anyway, Melanie's family was so much fun, despite a few meltdowns (one because I didn't bring my 5 year old to play with her 5 year old...I ususally don't bring my kids but I probably should've this once! He was SO sad!!) 4 boys and one baby girl and they are such a CUTE family!! She got Christmas Cards too that I will post when I get them all designed!
Gorgeous girl...

My Christmas Card!

I just finished putting the final touches on my Christmas card! This card had been in my head for almost 2 years!! I had to do it before we had another kid (this is NOT an annoucement!) so it could stay in balance! Hurry and schedule a shoot or send me your pics so I can design a Christmas card for you!! It's already November!!!
Don't worry, Melanie, I'm working on editing your family pictures still...this card was already in progress before I took your pics! :) I'll get yours up as soon as we move and we get more settled!!