Brynlee-2 Year Old | Utah Photographer

So this is Brynlee...a different Brynlee, not my Brinley. :) She's definitely an independent 2 Year Old that just wanted to do what she wanted to do! We tried picking flowers, playing with her doll, singing songs, playing peek-a-boo, etc. It was a workout for me and her mom! But we did it! We captured her personality and got plenty of good ones. I'm not gonna lie, 2 Year Olds are probably the hardest sessions, but they sure are fun to see what we get! She is a cutie with the biggest, blue eyes! She does have a thing with her tongue... :)

Just FYI, I'm having my baby at the end of September so I will be taking maternity leave during September and October. I'm sure my family sessions will be booking up quickly for the holidays so book now so you'll be sure to get a spot!

Capps Boys | Utah Photographer

Here are these handsome boys again! I get the chance to do them every 6 months or so. Austin was so well-behaved for just turning one. I thought I'd be crawling after him the whole session. Sean LOVES sports so we had to incorporate at least one piece of sporting equipment in each shot. I love it! I think Austin will be following in his footsteps. It sure makes me excited to get a BOY!
Doesn't this one make you melt?

Brinley & Brooklyn | Utah Photographer

I just have to show off these beautiful pictures of my daughter, Brinley, and her good friend Brooklyn. They just turned 8 and in the LDS church, you get baptized and become a member of the church. They looked so beautiful in their white dresses and we decided to just do their shoot together. The setting was gorgeous, the light was gorgeous, and these girls just glowed with excitement at their new start.
Brinley came up with this pose herself. She had LOTS of ideas! Love this girl!
They wanted some pictures together. I LOVE this one!
Brooklyn had the frolicking down! :) I loved that she looked at me.

Brucker Kids | Utah Photographer

I think I've lost track of how many shoots I've done for this cute family. They are so well-mannered and we always get beautiful images. I love their coordinating outfits. We wanted a spring look and loved how the flowers were all in bloom!
Oh, and our family will be looking like their family pretty soon. We found out we're having a boy! So 3 girls and a boy. Pretty perfect!

Not my usual edit, but I wanted a vintage look for this even though Landon looks like he's being attacked!
Abby is turning 8 and needed pictures for her baptism. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you don't get baptized until you're 8. She's a tricky one but she has a gorgeous smile AND straight teeth! What 8 YO has straight teeth?
 I'm pretty behind on posting shoots. Hopefully I'll be posting a lot in the next few days. :) We'll see about that...