Avery's 3 YO Pictures | Utah Child Photographer

It's no secret that my cute, little niece, Avery, is a sassy-pants and hasn't been the easiest to get pictures of. I wasn't sure how this shoot would go but when she came over, we headed out...ALL of us...as in my 3 littlest ones too. Well, it definitely turned out to be a good thing because Sadie was super-silly and had Avery laughing her head off! Perfect!
At first, I just let her run around and play...I love a good solemn face just as much as a great smile. Avery's got it down!
Her little dog goes everywhere she goes.
Umm...hello lashes?!!
 She is really into horses right now and I love that she brought her stick horse.
She takes riding seriously. :)
There's a good belly-laugh!

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