Mandy & Nate's Bridals/Groomals | Utah Photographer

I don't quite know how to title this shoot. I've been wanting a bride that will have her fiance with her on her bridal shoot. I guess it's a new trend and I like it. But most brides don't want their fiance to see her dress. Luckily, my sister lets me do whatever I want and was down with the idea. I LOVED  how these turned out! She picked the locations and I LOVE them! Just my style. We started at the orchard and realized she didn't have her bouquet. She left it at home a 30 minute drive away. So my OTHER sister went back and got it while we took our time getting plenty of fun shots. Oh boy!
We went inside this old building. LOVE it!
We were at this location so long, we tried a dandelion shot. Those suckers were hard to blow off! It took both of them blowing. It was pretty funny!
Rawr, Mandy.
I thought I'd try a vintage feel. She doesn't dig this picture.


  1. Love them! Her dress is so pretty I haven't seen a style like that. Not that I see a lot but it was neat to see something different. Love that orchard too!

  2. I wish I had known you when I got married. These are gorgeous!

  3. I wish I'd known me too. ;) No, thanks for the nice compliments. :)