Brynlee-9 Months Old | Utah Photographer

Imagine the surprise/shock I had to get an email from a friend who I haven't seen or heard from in almost 15 years! (That sounds like I'm old...maybe I am!) She was a Senior while I was a Freshman in High School. Her sister was my good friend. Even being a Senior, she took the time to get to know us lowly Freshman. She would drive us everywhere. She was really awesome. Then she went off to college and I've never seen her since...until she emailed me wanting a photo shoot for her 9 month old baby! It was so fun to see her again, and girl, you haven't changed a bit!
Thanks to Kiddie Kandids going out of business, she needed a picture of her baby in a bathtub to match all the other pictures she had of her kids in bathtubs as babies. I was happy to oblige...after I found a bathtub. :)
Pretty Blue Eyes

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