Lucy's Birth | Birth Story

I don't do many births but when I do, I LOVE it! This was my first home birth and I was nervous because this momma goes fast!! I actually missed the birth of her first baby because she didn't know she would go so fast. This time we were prepared. She texted me about 11:00 at night and said she was having contractions but she wasn't sure and would try to sleep. I knew she would have the baby that night so I didn't sleep...although I did "rest" around 1:00 a.m. and fell right asleep. She texted at 1:06 and I left right away! She had the baby at 2:15 a.m. She's a rockstar and makes birthing seem easy. It also was a hypo-birth which I haven't seen before either. She did great and had 2 midwives (& her husband) there to help her through it. Soon, a healthy baby girl, Lucy, was born. It was awesome and I feel so privileged any time I get to witness a birth.

I love how they weigh the baby. Her little feet sticking out.

Welcome to the world, Lucy!!

Chipman Family Pictures | Family Session

Krystal and I go WAAAY back! Like 20 years back! So I was happy to see her again and take pictures of her cute family. There outfits were spot-on!
I wasn't quite prepared for her little 4 year old to be so energetic so we just embraced it and have lots of bloopers!! Haha!

The bloopers are pretty hilarious, huh?!