Walters Family | Family Session

Let's bring back some color of the fall!! Everything is so dead and dismal right now but when I did this session, it was the height of the fall colors! This family dressed the part too! I love the bright colors! Usually people wear earthy tones with fall but this totally works too. Memory Grove was crawling with people checking out the height of all too...there was even a wedding! But we managed. Love this family and I'm so glad they keep coming to me year after year. The like to have fun! Check out the bloopers at the end. :)
Every mom needs a picture like that. I love it! Who's taking mine? ;)
Bloopers! So fun!

Cambree | Teen Session

I took Cambree out for her birthday shoot a little after her birthday. It's my busy time so it's hard to get my kids out right when it's their birthday. But she's not changing too much these days although she's looking so old! My kids just need to stay their ages right now forever!

I took two of my kids out together since their birthdays are just 2 weeks apart. They're cute!