Keaton & Summer's Wedding

My nephew got married (and I kind of spaced blogging it. oops!)!! It was a beautiful, warm day and I'm sure missing that warmth right about now! They were married in the Payson Temple with many family and friends came to support the happy couple. The bride alone has 9 siblings!! Summer and Keaton were on cloud 9 all in love. I'm so happy you guys found each other! Thanks for having me document your amazing day!

Everyone adoring the bride after the exit...
His groomsmen were full of it! More later...
After the temple, they had a cozy luncheon and then it was off to the reception for pictures and the party!
Kisses for the parents! They deserve it!

I LOVED the red shoes! Especially for the niece!
The reception was in a friend's backyard just off a pond. It was picture-perfect! They didn't need to do much decorating with such a pretty venue but the sodas in the row boat were perfect! I also loved the chocolate fountain for refreshments.

The cake table had cupcakes for everyone. They were super yummy if I do say so myself! And carrots and dip for those watching their figure. ;)
See? yummy! ;)
The first dance. They had forgotten that anyone was watching.
Next was this brother dance. It was cute! They kept cutting in so everyone got a chance to dance with their sister.
After that it was time to party!! The brides family sure know how to get-down on the dance floor!
The MC was a friend of the groom's and had been on America's Got Talent. He was GOOD!

The bouquet toss was a usual!

A few funny moments from the day. I don't even know what to say with these. Haha!

Becki & Darren

I've known Becki a LONG time! Some of my first photo sessions were ones that she hired me. She is one of the most selfless and sweetest people I know. I hadn't heard from her in a while and it was because she met the love of her life! But he has Huntingtons Disease. I was heartbroken for her. She called to tell me that she wanted a photo session with the two of them. It needed to be soon because he has lost the ability to smile. We scheduled a few times but it was just too cold and Darren had gotten a cold and couldn't be out in the cold weather. Well, the stars finally aligned and we scheduled and it all worked out. We worked quickly and I loved to see how much Becki loved this man. I am so happy she got to meet him and that he was able to have her in his life. I wish the best for them and will fill their numbered days with much love. She cried tears of happiness and gratefulness when she saw their picture gallery. I am glad I was able to do this for her. THIS is why pictures are so important! To capture people as they truly are and to be remembered.
I caught this picture of Becki warming Darren's hands. She says she hates her hands (I can relate!) but I think this photo is so telling about their relationship.