Lucy's Birth | Birth Story

I don't do many births but when I do, I LOVE it! This was my first home birth and I was nervous because this momma goes fast!! I actually missed the birth of her first baby because she didn't know she would go so fast. This time we were prepared. She texted me about 11:00 at night and said she was having contractions but she wasn't sure and would try to sleep. I knew she would have the baby that night so I didn't sleep...although I did "rest" around 1:00 a.m. and fell right asleep. She texted at 1:06 and I left right away! She had the baby at 2:15 a.m. She's a rockstar and makes birthing seem easy. It also was a hypo-birth which I haven't seen before either. She did great and had 2 midwives (& her husband) there to help her through it. Soon, a healthy baby girl, Lucy, was born. It was awesome and I feel so privileged any time I get to witness a birth.

I love how they weigh the baby. Her little feet sticking out.

Welcome to the world, Lucy!!

Chipman Family Pictures | Family Session

Krystal and I go WAAAY back! Like 20 years back! So I was happy to see her again and take pictures of her cute family. There outfits were spot-on!
I wasn't quite prepared for her little 4 year old to be so energetic so we just embraced it and have lots of bloopers!! Haha!

The bloopers are pretty hilarious, huh?!

Arbon Family | Extended Family Session

The Arbons are a fun bunch and the kids had gifted their mom a family photo session for Christmas and they finally scheduled a shoot. They own a pumpkin patch near the Timpanogas Temple so it was a given that we should take the pictures there. So fun! I love places that mean something to the family. It was a stormy day and was going to rain any minute. It's so hard coordinating so many schedules so we just prayed that it would work out and it was absolutely perfect! Sometimes it pays to take a chance. So it all worked out and we got some fun pictures. Whew!

The grandparents...they are such fun grandparents!

SO many fun bloopers of these guys! Don't you just want to be part of their family?