Williams Family Pictures | Extended Family Session

It was so great to meet the Williams family. They were all together for the holiday and wanted to make the most out of it and get some pictures taken. They were so fun and an easy bunch to take photos of. Extend family sessions are one of my favs!

I told you they were fun (besides the little one that absolutely was a mama's girl!) !

Josh & Caitlin's Wedding

Yay! The day had finally arrived! I knew Josh & Caitlin were both excited but they definitely looked calm the whole day...just soaking it all in. So many family and friends came to support them on a cold but sunny day at the Payson Temple. It was a lovely day and I really liked how their day went. They were sealed and then we did pictures and right after, everyone went to the reception center for some refreshments and a nice luncheon. I liked that there wasn't any downtime in between the temple and the reception. They just did it all and it was just one big party!

The reception was at Stonegate. Such a pretty venue and they do it all!

Child Family | Family Session

7 boys. Let that sink in for a minute...but these boys were such well-behaved and good boys. I need to get some parenting tips from her. :) They are all so sweet to each other. The session was scheduled a bit late in the season but we were lucky to find some fall colors. Thanksgiving Point never disappoints!

Jackson was so cute but was D-O-N-E! We let him run for a bit and got a few more out of him.

The twins were so cute! They look so much alike.

We tried to re-make a picture we did a few years ago with the twins kissing Jackson but he just wanted give kisses!
Love these pictures with their beautiful Mama.
Some cute bloopers with these cute boys.