Patterson Family | Family Session

I'm hopefully back to blogging since my external drive crashed along with my photo sessions! Bummer! But I had everything backed up thanks to Backblaze so I didn't loose anything. It just took some time to buy a new drive and get TONS of gigabytes loaded back onto it. Photo files are huge! Anyway...on to the blogging!
I traveled clear to Arizona to do these pictures! Haha! It's my sister and we were visiting and so we made time to take some family pictures too. It's been awhile since I did her pictures so it was about time!
Also, they were excited to be expecting another baby to join the family! So we took some precious pictures of her cute belly. I've had a hard time figuring out when and how to blog this since my sister had a miscarriage shortly after these pictures. It was her second one and so heartbreaking again. I asked her permission to post these pictures and she said it was ok. She is glad to have these photos to document their life at this time...even if it does sting a little. Love you, Ang!

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