My Baby is 2!

My baby isn't such a baby anymore...but let's get real...he will always be my baby!
For his birthday shoot, I've always done them indoors because January isn't the best time to take a baby out! I saw a photo that I wanted to try and do on Pinterest (because I was NOT getting any inspiration in this blah weather!) so I talked my husband into helping me. It finally snowed so we tried it. SO BAD!!! The wind was blowing snow in his face. No good. I was just going to have to photoshop the snow in.

So the next time I tried, it was sunny and I layered him more and put mittens on. He was happy! Yay!

Here's the fake snow! I like it!
Next I had to try the Pinterest inspiration. It's more Christmassy but I will put it on a canvas and display it with my Christmas decor.
His lashes are so long! That's how it goes with boys.
Help me decide which picture to put on a canvas. Which one is your fav?


  1. I love the one with the long lashes!

  2. To die for cute!! Happy birthday to him!

  3. He is so freaking handsome!! And my favorite is the one you posted on instagram.