Collette Extended Family Pictures

The Collettes are a fun bunch! They are my sister's in-laws so I was pretty comfortable trying to do my first ever lifestyle family session, which wasn't completely a lifestyle session but good for my first try, I'd say. :) We also needed to work around Ellen foot that had a big boot on it from a surgery she had. She wasn't able to go outside (thus the need for an indoor lifestyle shoot) and Allie (their daughter) flew in from Washington that weekend so we had to do it when we could! They recently moved into a beautiful home so it was fun to capture pictures in their new living space. And if you couldn't tell, they all adore their 2 granddaughters. It was such a fun and relaxed session that I definitely don't mind doing another one of these again soon!
It was a week before Christmas so it was fun to get a few Christmas images.
These 2, brother and sister, have a special bond. I love it! Check out the bloopers for some more fun!
These mistletoe ones were their idea and I just LOVE them!! Blow them up big and put them on a canvas for Christmas decor!
Blooper time! I don't know if these are really bloopers but maybe more showing off their goofy side.
See?! There's the boot!! Haha!


  1. Tons of great images! You did so great for your first lifestyle session!!

  2. I love the idea of an extended family session in their home! And ohmygosh, their youngest is so comfy in front of the camera, haha! Beautiful work!