Child Family Pictures

I was excited to do my cousin's family pictures. They have 7 boys, 2 of which are twins!!! I know!! But they are the sweetest and most well-mannered boys you've ever met. I need to get some tips from her for sure!!
It was a cold fall day with a storm blowing in and getting dark fast! They sure were troopers! We got some great photos and I just love the ones of them lovin' on their baby! They adore him! I loved that they were more dressed up with suits and ties/bowties and mom shows up in a sequin dress! SO pretty! Can't wait to show you these photos...

Her twins were so cute!
LOVE this one! I'd frame it for sure!


  1. That momma's dress is stunning!! What a beautiful family!

  2. Love their formal outfits!!

  3. What a sweet family! 7 boys?! That gorgeous girl had 7 boys? You go Momma!