Combe's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

I was excited to photograph an anniversary party! Especially because these two didn't have much of a wedding celebration. They are so cute and still in love. Their kids and grandkids were great and we had lots of fun. If you are doing a 50th party for someone, take note! Their decorations and ideas were so great! Their kids did an awesome job at putting everything together.
We started the event with family pictures for everyone. We were able to go to Thanksgiving Point to do them since they were having their party there. You can't go wrong doing pictures there!
After pictures, it was time to rush over and get some things ready before guests arrived. The details were on point!
This was the sign-in book, if you will. They got a polaroid taken and then they signed their names on it.
 The centerpieces all had to do with something about them or an event that has happened. So clever!
 They had a kids corner with puzzles and coloring for the kids.
 They made a timeline of their life. Even the many cars they've had! It was awesome!
 They got a cake! It was fabulous especially since they didn't get one on their wedding day.
He was such a jokester!
They had a little program and then it was cake time! It was so fun that they had the chance to have a sort of wedding do-over.
 Aren't they so fun?! Loved this!

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  1. Hey!! I am so happy to see the lovely huge family together. Everyone is looking so happy. Congratulations to the couple. My parents will be celebrating their wedding anniversary next month. Will plan party for them at event space. Will give them a big surprise by throwing this party.