Victoria & Austin's Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

Well I have to say, this was a wonderful day! Mostly because it was my niece getting married but also because the day was beautiful and we captured beautiful pictures...thanks to a relaxed bride and groom. The venue was awesome too and I was able to make full use of the natural light. I know it will be a day that they will never forget and now they have beautiful pictures to remember it.

The reception was at a friend's backyard. It was perfect with a large patio and plenty of trees providing shade where we did the group photos.
My daughter was the flower girl so I was a little biased. ;)
Crazy groomsmen!
 They served Italian sodas, crepes, spinach dip, and meatballs. Yum!
The first dance

Mother/son and Daddy/daughter dance. My brother-in-law gets choked up every time one of his kids gets married.
 The send off was bubbles! You bet the kids loved that!

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