Copelyn's Birth Story | Utah Birth Photographer

I always feel so honored when people ask me to take pictures of their birth. This is the second time I've been able to be there for Brittany...and it was a good thing because her husband disappeared to the bathroom for a little bit after the birth. He got a little light-headed. Yikes!
Her due date snuck up on us! I checked in on her one afternoon and she didn't think it would be happening any time soon. That night, I got a call at 3:30 a.m.! She was at the hospital dilated to an 8! Whoa! I hurried to get there only to wait. When she got an epidural, things kind of slowed down.  So we just talked and everything was relaxed until it was time to push! She got a little scared because the epidural hadn't completely numbed her so she had a lot of hip pain. She didn't want to feel it! (I wouldn't either!) Thankfully, she didn't have to push very long! Copelyn was born after just a few pushes. Whew! I love to capture these moments! Thank you, Brittany!
Beautiful mama right there!
 By the time I left the hospital, the sun had risen...that took a little while but it was worth it!

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