Sienna's Birth Story

My sister called me almost 2 weeks before her due date saying her water broke (only a few days before Christmas...yeah, I'm behind again. Haha!)! What? She asked if I could watch their 3 year old while she was in the hospital. Yes! And that they would let me know when she was close so I could come to the hospital to take some pictures. Yes! My sister goes all natural and is a rock star. I don't know how she does it. This time around, the labor was a lot faster but more intense than the last time. I was just glad she has wanted me there for both births! It's such a special time and I feel so lucky to be there.
I snapped this picture of the clock literally a few seconds before Sienna was born.
She was perfect size even though she was early!
One of my favorite pictures ever.
 The next day I brought my kids to see their new cousin and to get a few more pics of Sienna now that she was all cleaned up.
 I LOVE births! It was such a great way to end the year.

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