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I don't even know where to start with this family. They are like my second family. Trudy was my second mom growing up. She was always fixing food for us and playing games with us. She would help us make crafts and sew. She is awesome. I was SUPER excited when she called and asked me to take her family's pictures. It took awhile to nail down a date that would work for everyone. The day finally arrived and it was SO windy! Many of them were traveling a few hours to get there. Ugh. Weather totally stresses me out!! I thought of a place that is in a gully surrounded by trees and I figured it would block the wind. It sure did! The session was perfect! I was SO glad we didn't call it off. Another reason I was happy was as Trudy was going back home after pictures, she started not feeling well. This went on for a few weeks until they finally got some answers. She is on the mend but definitely had us scared! I was so grateful she had pictures taken with her precious family. Life can be taken from you all too quickly.
Well, enough chatter, here are their priceless pictures...
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This little girl knew how to smile! She stole my heart!
Oh! I can't forget the bloopers! 

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