Introducing the Newest Member of the Hancock Family

....Caden Davis Hancock

I love him so much already! I'm REALLY trying to take it slow every day and enjoy this little man. So far so good. :)
I was SO glad to have my sister-in-law help me with his newborn pictures. Recovering from my 5th c-section this time around took a little longer. At least he was a pretty good sleeper! It's fun to try new things on my own. :)
I didn't quite nail this one but it's still cute. :)
My husband was appalled that I didn't take any sport ones, so he helped me with these a few days was actually on Super Bowl Sunday. How appropriate. :)
I'm still going to enjoy this little guy for a few more months and will be back from maternity leave in April. Just in time for gorgeous spring pictures! Book me soon so you can get the date you want.

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