Eliza's Birth Story | Utah Photographer

I was so excited when my friend told me her husband gave her the ok for me to come to the hospital to take pictures of her baby girl's birth. Husbands are usually the ones that need the convincing. :) This is her 5th (& probably final!) baby so she knew what she was doing and promised it would be a breeze. Well, as with all births, they are unpredictable! She took her time coming...but really not that long. It was just long to Stephanie. :) She was a big baby too so I'm sure that played a part.
Anyway, on to the pictures! I'm so glad I was able to be there. Births are always so special to witness.
 Older sister, grandmas, and of course Dad was there to witness it all!
 She certainly knew how to keep herself entertained while we waited.
 Putting in our bets...I did it too...although I was wrong.
 Dad was ready to catch the baby! I loved how involved he was in the delivery.
Her shoulder got stuck a little so the doctor helped him get her out but he did much of it...oh, and Steph did too. ;)
 8 pounds 10 ounces! She was a chunky one!
 Grandma showing sister what the nurse was doing for the baby.
 I LOVE these! She was happy to hold her new little sister and to hand her off to her mom.
 Happy mommy!

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