My Family Pictures in the Dream Orchard | Utah Family Photographer

I have been dreaming of having our family pictures in this orchard for a few years. I was able to get my friend, Tracie from Rock Love Photography to take them for me. I shopped for months finding the perfect clothes for the session. Then, it was time to wait for the blossoms to bloom. They came suddenly and we found a night we were both available and went for it. My kids were less than perfect, but I guess you can't get everything you want.
Sorry for the explosion of pictures! I just love my cute family and how these turned out.
I'm blowing this one up and putting it on a canvas:

We shook the trees so it was "raining" blossoms. They didn't show up much. :(
I don't know why I kept so many walking ones. I just loved them!
These two are such good buddies…most of the time.
I'm usually not a fan of pictures of us together. We are awkward. Now I know how my couples and feel sometimes!

And some fun bloopers...
Thanks, Tracie! You're the best!!

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