Ruffner Family | Utah Family Photographer

I was excited and maybe a little scared to do my friend's family pictures. You see, she is a photographer too. A fabulous one! Here's her blog: It's always a little nerve-wracking...but I will get her back this spring when she does our family pictures. :)
Her family was so easy and so fun!! And beautiful. Doesn't get much better than that!
What a beautiful couple! Isn't she gorgeous? You wouldn't believe she has a 16 year old. I love how all these turned out!
 Ha! They are so goofy!

 I think they all know what to do when a camera comes out. That's definitely a plus to photographing a photographer's family. RAWR!
 Girls, you are gorgeous!

 Handsome boys...even if they were pulling faces 1/2 the time. :)

And here's where the bloopers come in. This is what I was talking about with the pulling faces comment:

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