Watson Family | Utah Family Photographer

I have been doing this family's pictures for almost as long as I've had my business (minus a few years they were living in Texas). I love this family! We had scheduled to do this shoot back when it was raining all the time (yeah, I'm behind blogging!) and of course, on the day we scheduled it was threatening rain. Brittany still wanted to go for it since all her kids were ready and in the car but as soon as we hit Draper there was a DOWNPOUR!! Brittany is a rockstar and still wanted to try it! We were headed to downtown Salt Lake. I bought an umbrella on the way cuz I just didn't think it wasn't going to not rain! Well, Brittany had way more faith than me because downtown was NOT raining! We all hurried to get out of the car and get ready for pictures cuz we just knew the rain was headed that way. Well, we didn't have to hurry too much because the rain never came! It sprinkled a little bit and there were puddles everywhere (try to keep a 2 year old out of that!) but it worked out perfectly!! I love these images and I love my awesome clients!!
 The kids needed a little breather after the formal family pics.
 Tylee LOVES the camera! She is such a cutie!
 Stockton wasn't too interested.

 Brittany, you are gorgeous!
 We let them puddle jump at the end...cute kids!
 Love this wall...

 Gotta have the bloopers!

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