Vienna's Birth Story | Utah Birth Photographer

One of my close friends had a baby! I was SO excited for her! She has 3 boys and was having a girl!!! Yea! I tried talking her into letting me come to the hospital to document the birth (some people are really private about that kind of thing, but it really is an amazing moment to freeze in time and many women even forget what goes on). She finally said yes, but her husband wasn't so sure. So, I made a deal and told them I would come right after she had the baby. They were cool with that...well, things didn't quite go as planned. Her labor and delivery was MUCH longer than with her other 3 boys. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her tummy so she wouldn't drop. So, with all that was going on, she forgot to call/text me when she was getting close. Oh well. I came the next morning (she had her in the middle of the night) and took some great pictures of precious Vienna. I was even there when the boys and Grandma and Grandpa came so that was fun to get some pictures of those sweet moments. I love birth stories! They are such tender moments.

  Then the kids came!! They were all so excited to see and hold their new sister.
 Daddy finally got a turn to hold the baby.
 Grandma & Grandpa got a few minutes with Vienna too.
 First family picture!! Doesn't Heather look great?! Jewelry and all!

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