Valentine's Day

Yes, my blog is getting a make-over and I'm in the middle of it! It's not done yet. BUT I wanted to post these cute Valentine pictures. I was going to do a shoot myself but my friend, Heather of Heather Ellis Photography was doing mini sessions and I took her up on it. They turned out SO cute! And I whipped out these Valentines for my kids.
So this poor lollipop has seen better days. Sadie came to watch and was holding it and dropped it before we even used it! It broke into a few pieces. Heather suggested we tape it together and she would fix it in Photoshop. it looks fabulous! Thank you!!
Love this. I've already printed it up and put it in a frame to be a permanent Valentine's day decoration.

I didn't want Easton and Sadie to be left out so I took a few pictures of them and made them some Valentines too for Sadie's playgroup and grandparents. It was fun! I just might do it again next year!

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