Top 20 ~ Year in Review

Every year I like to do my "year in review". This year I'm a little late. :) Usually I post my favorite picture from each shoot I do. It can get pretty long. So this time, I'm trying to keep it to 20. It was hard! But with some help from my husband, I narrowed it down. I had a few firsts this year so those made the list and some setups I've never done before. Thanks to those that were patient with me when I try new things!
It seems like there's always something to learn with Photography. New for 2013? Learning studio lighting! I've got my lights! I just need to get backdrops and a few other things and, of course learning more about studio lighting then I'll be good to go! Enjoy...
My first birth story. That was amazing and definitely made the list!

There you go! I had a wonderful year and I'm always so grateful for my long-time clients and new clients. You're the best!
Like what you see? Then, we might be a good fit! Email me at and we can set up a photo session. Let's make some memories!

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