Sandy Puc Workshop

This post is LOOOOONG overdue! I won't even say how long ago these were taken. Fall is definitely the busy season and these got put on the back-burner. :)
Anyway, I decided last-minute to go to a Sandy Puc Workshop with my friend. It was pretty good. LOTS of hands-on experience which was great! There were also several pro photographers there and I followed the Senior one around. He had some good poses and ideas. It was so nice to have access to many photographers to ask them anything. When it got too dark to shoot outside, we went in for the studio setups.  I don't own a studio but I'm getting some lights and going to play around with it this year so it was very helpful to me!
We had so many gorgeous models to choose from...

Ha! We got to go to the hotel pool and play around! THAT was fun! I would've never known how to do a setup like that. It's not too hard. Who's up for a pool shoot?!
The ring light was fun/spooky to play with. :)

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