Stockton's Cake Smash | Utah Child Photographer

These sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorites to shoot! You just never know what they are going to do! Stockton has been through a lot already in his little life having heart surgery but he is doing well and definitely knows what he wants! He was ONLY interested in the candle on his cake and when we tried taking it away so he would eat the cake, he was MAD!! SO cute! My very first cake smash was of her daughter, Tylee, even before cake smashes were really a "thing". I love it! And I love that we bought the same cake when I did my son's cake smash. Bright frosting is the way to go!
See? We were mean and took it away. :/
Now, he's looking at us like, "Don't you dare take my candle away!" Love the big crocodile tear. :)

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