Annie-18 Month Old | Utah Photographer

So in one week, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding AND a the birth of my sister's first baby. Talk about a week with monumental moments. I was so blessed to be a part of those moments. Now I'm just trying to get the littlest things done! Being up in the middle-the-night waiting for a baby to come takes a toll! But I'm excited to post the pics sometime... :) 
Cute, little Annie. My delightful niece. She was the baby with the chubby rolls and now she's growing up! No more rolls! Finally posting these!

Then, we moved inside to get some shots with big brother. By that time, it was naptime and Annie was done! I still think they're pretty cute. :)

Thanks for all the nice comments. Keep them coming!


  1. So cute!! Love how her pink coat pops in these pictures!

  2. I love these pictures! Annie is such a doll. Kristy put her in an amazingly adorable jacket. I love the hug picture with Justus, too.

  3. This comment is way past due, but thank you SO much Missy for the WONDERFUL job you always do at taking pictures of our kids! You always catch them at the perfect moments and provide us with such invaluable keepsakes. You are so talented!