Trent ~ Senior Pictures | Utah Photographer

Here's the follow-up to that sneak peek I put up. I meant to post sooner but then Thanksgiving got in the way. :) We stayed home a lot and relaxed. It was great!
Anyway, I love it when Seniors bring props and he didn't disappoint! His family came all the way from Nevada for me to do his pictures. The day wasn't the best but it was our only it snowed off and on. Even though it was cold, Trent was in his element. :)

It's never too late (or early) to schedule Senior sessions. We always have a fun time! I was cold and soaked at the end of this, but it's all good! Especially because this was my first session back from Maternity leave. It felt SO GOOD to get out again!


  1. Holy crap these look good! And how did they hear from you from Nevada??

  2. Thanks, Tiff! They used to live in Utah but moved away. I guess they can't find anyone better! ;)