Tiffany & David~Wedding | Utah Photographer

I'm FINALLY posting my sister's wedding! I've been so busy enjoying summer and family and shooting. I can't believe the summer is half over already!
Anyway, Tiff's wedding was beautiful. She looked beautiful. David looked nervous. ;) It all went very smoothly. They have so many family and friends that love them. It was a good time for everyone. So without further ado, here are the pictures! Sorry so many of's my sis!
Love the Toms! Bling!
 The ceremony...
My beautiful mom and sister.
 David has an AMAZING voice. He serenaded Tiffany with a lovely song. It was beautiful.
What a great day. You guys make a great couple. Remember this day and how happy and blissful you felt. Make lots of memories and don't sweat the small stuff. Welcome to the family, David! We're happy to have you!


  1. Your sister looks gorgeous, love the pictures and the serene colors!

  2. beautiful job as always missy! and i love her shoes :) it's my favorite part of wedding pics, seeing what shoes the bride wears. it's very telling of their personalities!