Aubrie's Bridals | Utah Photographer

I LOVE to do bridals! How can you go wrong with in-love couples and a gorgeous bride! The groom did NOT want to see Aubrie until she walked down the we had to be a bit creative. I think it worked out nicely! He seriously didn't even see her in her dress. Now that's discipline! I wish I could've done their wedding, especially since I've known Aubrie since she was like 12...but I was on vacation. I'm sure it was lovely. You two are a perfect match and I'm so happy for you!
Aubrie can be SASSY! Love it!
Love those big eyes of hers!


  1. You've blown me away with your talent once again Missy. You just get better and better, I am so impressed. LOVE the ones that show off her pretty eyes and eyelashes. Gorgeous.