Brynlee-2 Year Old | Utah Photographer

So this is Brynlee...a different Brynlee, not my Brinley. :) She's definitely an independent 2 Year Old that just wanted to do what she wanted to do! We tried picking flowers, playing with her doll, singing songs, playing peek-a-boo, etc. It was a workout for me and her mom! But we did it! We captured her personality and got plenty of good ones. I'm not gonna lie, 2 Year Olds are probably the hardest sessions, but they sure are fun to see what we get! She is a cutie with the biggest, blue eyes! She does have a thing with her tongue... :)

Just FYI, I'm having my baby at the end of September so I will be taking maternity leave during September and October. I'm sure my family sessions will be booking up quickly for the holidays so book now so you'll be sure to get a spot!

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