Jacquel~Senior | Utah Photographer

Meet Jacquel. She is one awesome, confident, fun-loving, beautiful girl! She was making me laugh so much! We had a good time. She's a Senior this year and has wonderful things ahead of her. We had lots of fun with all the props and ideas she had. It was hard to stop!

She's learning the guitar. I LOVE guitars in pictures!

Uh-huh. B-ball player...gotta love those shoes too!
She also really LOVES her car. Her mom said she acts like it's a Porshe or something. I love old beat-up cars. Totally reminds me of High School!
She's also into drama and singing. I was diggin' her microphone.

 Good luck, Jacquel! College is going to be great!!


  1. Great job. I love shooting seniors.

  2. What a beautiful girl...I can tell that she loves her music!