Jonathan & Lacey's Wedding | Utah Photographer

It had been raining or snowing all week, EXCEPT on the day of Lacey & Jonathan's wedding. The sun was out and it was almost warm! Pretty much that was the case for the day of their reception a week later. They need to get married everyday! ;)
Lacey & Jonathan make such a perfect couple. They are both carefree and fun pulling faces whenever possible. You guys are great! Being married is hard work and so much fun. You both have a great life ahead of you.
Lacey had this idea and I love it!

I can't resist a good jumping picture and they were the perfect, fun-loving couple to pull it off!
 Tracie came with me to 2nd shoot. She does GREAT detail shots. You're awesome, Tracie!

This family was so much fun! They were up for whatever I asked them to do and also had some ideas of their own. :)
 This one and the next 2 are also Tracie's.
It was a beautiful day. I am so happy for the both of you. You will have a wonderful life together. I was grateful to be there on this special day(s).

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